Sunday, 19 March 2017

The House Of The Scorpion And Gattaca Comparison!

Hello and welcome to my blog. Have you ever wondered what clones and GMO's have in common?We all just watched the movie Gattaca in class. There are similarities between the protagonist in both stories. A protagonist is a character who should be making the difficult choices and key decisions and should be experiencing the consequences of those decisions. The protagonist in Gattaca was Vincent, who was almost like Matt. He was not genetically engineered like the rest and fought against all odds to survive, just like Matt. He was also accused of murder because his eyelash was found at the scene. Both of them are not accepted by society and get blamed for almost anything. They also both had someone who gave their life to help them.

So both Matt and Vincent were considered not an equal compared to the group. Matt does everything a human would do and behaves like one. He follows directions and behaves himself but his rights are still less important than others. Vincent's genes don't meet standards of his society, so he was discriminated because of being not genetically modified. He couldn't pursue his dreams, so he impersonated someone else to get in. They both wished to be free from society and do what they want.

I can compare them by their courage and passion for something. Matteo's goal was to escape Opium to find freedom, be a normal human, and not be hated. He had to persevere to reach his goal and faced many obstacles, which were El Patrón and the Keepers. Vincent's goal was to leave Earth and travel to Titan but suffered a lot of pain to impersonate someone else. He had to cut off part of his legs to be the right height. Every day, he had to scrub himself to remove any dry skin or loose hair that would reveal his identity.

Another thing that they have in common is that someone gave their life to help the protagonist. In The House Of The Scorpion, it was Tam Lin and he died because he was stuck at El Patrón's funeral, but he drank the wine so he wouldn't look suspicious. In Gattaca, it was the original Jerome Morrow that burned himself, so there is no evidence of him behind. He did this so Vincent could live his dream.

Overall, these two stories are pretty similar and they have the same message of equality with others.

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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Real Life Farm Patrol?!?

Hello, and welcome to my blog. What if there was real life farm patrol? It already exists but they either shoot or arrest you, not turn you into an eejit. Recently, Celia turned to a "coyote" because she is Matt's caregiver and risked her life to make a plan to save him. Matt risked his life running across the border because he had no other choice except to be turned into an eejit or get killed.

This is represented in real life, which means border patrol. Recently in Canada, there was an incident regarding the border and its security. The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) union president says our border is like "Swiss cheese" and calls for a patrol force. They believe that the border is too insecure and are trying to protect it.

This is similar to the farm patrol because they both have to keep people from entering the border illegally.  The CBSA say "The federal government needs to create a special force to patrol the vast frontier between Canada and the U.S. because the RCMP is stretched too thin, says the head of the union representing the nation’s border officers."

I think that this will solve the problem regarding the border, but the real problem lies after you've been caught. For example, say I walk across the border and the RCMP catches me. If I say that I'm a refugee, then a hearing will be booked for about 2 weeks from now to see if I actually am a refugee. The problem lies here, because during the time before the hearing they can go wherever they want in Canada and never see them again.

In the end, I think what matters is that everyone is safe and they keep newcomers from crossing. But the president of the Customs and Immigration Union says "A dedicated border patrol force is needed to deal not only with the rise of refugee claimants coming across the border illegally. We also have to look out for drug and weapon smugglers and so-called “port runners” — people who drive through a port of entry without stopping."

I hope this helped anyone who was wondering about the border and its process. So if farm patrol is real, I wonder if eejits will exist as well...

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Sunday, 5 March 2017

What Influences Matt?

Helloooo and welcome to my blog! Have you ever wondered what determines problem solving? Matt has many worldviews but I’m focusing on the most influential. I think equality with others has the most influence on Matt’s life. Being called an animal, eejit, and much more has impacted his decisions. Matt also wanted to be more than an animal and change his social status due to the inequality he experienced. Everyone else said that clones were just naturally bad and equal to livestock.

Equality with others is the belief about the status of individuals or groups in relation to others. Matt does everything a human would do and behaves like one. Everyone uses common sense, so why are clones hated? People think clones are livestock because they are born from cows and are idiots, but Matt's brain didn’t get destroyed. Here is an example of this inequality from the book. “That’s disgusting. Clones aren’t people,”. “I’ve been stupid. I should have known what he—it—was the minute I saw it.” p-26

My second worldview is relationship between the individual and the group, because it falls along with equality with others. This is influential for Matt if the individual rights are more or less important than the rights of the group. Matt follows directions and behaves himself but his rights are still less important than others. Relationship between the individual and the group is the beliefs about the balance between individual rights and group rights. Matt's rights being a clone isn’t balanced with anyone in the big house, but outside of the border, people think he’s one of them.

Friday, 24 February 2017

What does it mean to be a caregiver?

What does it really mean to be a caregiver? A caregiver is someone who takes care of someone and is always able to help and support that person. A caregiver is just like a parent except they may not be related by blood. They protect them at all costs and have complete trust in each other. You might be wondering why are you talking about this? I’m talking about this because it is important to the novel.

Celia is the prime example of a caregiver and affects how the whole story takes place. She always is on Matt's side and takes the blame. Matt also knows right from wrong from Celia, and her ethics. For example, let’s say Matt escaped and told Celia so she wouldn’t get worried. They have a strong bond so Celia wouldn’t tell anyone.

Here are some direct quotes from the book to represent this:

“You can’t come, mi vida. You must stay hidden in the nest like a good little mouse. There’re hawks out there that eat little mice”(p. 5).

“Don’t cry, mi vida. I love you more than anything in the world. I’ll explain things to you when you’re older”(p. 6).

This also has an effect on other characters such as Maria’s parents, Felicia and Mr. MacGregor. They all care, but a downside is that someone could take them away and you would be in a sticky situation to save them. This will send the story through twists and turns as caregivers help others.

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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

My Thoughts So Far On The First 100 Pages!

My thoughts on the first 100 pages are just what I hoped! I really like how the novel starts right from the beginning of his life and the chapters move along with his age. The author also chose to name the chapters which was helpful since whatever happened in the chapter is slightly summed up there. Overall I would give The House of The Scorpion five stars. 

On page #3, something had me wondering about the cells. The line from the book reads “The cells were frozen over a hundred years ago. They can’t be as healthy as samples taken yesterday.”. This means that El Patron was rich enough to get cloned at around age 36. This is really interesting because El Patron was able to do that then, but Matt is only alive 106 years later.

We have these quizzes after about every 50 pages or so. It sums up some of the information in that part so I have an easier time remembering what happened. This knowledge is useful for talking about the book just like I am right now.
The whole project is going pretty well and I hope new fun things will be available in the future.

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Friday, 10 February 2017

The Scorpion Project!

Today we just started the scorpion project. I will be posting about this a bunch so if you want to read it go ahead. I will be using this website for the project so you can see the whole process. The novel inquiry sounds really interesting and I am looking forward to reading the house of the scorpion. I'm not really excited about this project because my teacher introduced it and it sounds really difficult and demanding over a short period of time.

For this project I feel nervous because I might make a mistake and get behind the class or not post on my blog because my notes were not up to standards. Hopefully I can meet the expectations and enjoy the book.

Image result for the house of the scorpionThank you for reading my blog!

Monday, 24 October 2016

Should Children’s Exposure to Whimsical Ideas be Limited?

Hello Bloggers! My name is Keegan and I debated about whether or not children’s exposure to whimsical ideas should be limited in order to effectively prepare them for adulthood. I was the opposition, so I didn’t want whimsical ideas to be limited for children. Personally I believed in opposition because if I had my ideas limited, I wouldn’t have any fun and nobody would be unique. If no one was unique, we would all be the same and nothing would be new.

Imagine that you couldn’t explore anything new and would get punished if you did! I don’t want that happening in a million years and you probably feel the same way. Two-hundred studies show that positive psychological well-being is linked with a lower risk of heart disease, as well as lower blood pressure. Children won’t know their full potential in life if they don’t have freedom to creativity and whimsy. They would just focus on studying the whole time and not have a memorable childhood. New generations will suffer from boredom, because their ideas will be limited!

Do you want a world of freedom or one of barriers? This is my personal opinion on whether or not children’s exposure to whimsical ideas should be limited in order to effectively prepare them for adulthood. Do you agree or disagree? Leave your opinions in the comments below! ↓

Imagination is the source of every form of human achievement. And it’s the one thing that I believe we are systematically jeopardizing in the way we educate our children and ourselves.

-Sir Ken Robinson